About C|ZAM

C|ZAM stands for 100% craftsmanship, indestructible quality, and a very high-quality finish. The lockers, wall systems, wardrobes and benches are highly suitable for applications in schools, swimming pools, sports halls, and campsites.

Wear or vandalism? No problem with C|ZAM. The materials and constructions are absolutely resistant to even the most intensive use. That way, C|ZAM keeps looking good and fully functional for decades.

All C|ZAM are fully tailor-made and produced internally. All your demands regarding design, setup, size or colour can therefore be met. The sanitary cubicles and wardrobes are equipped with the finger-safe (FS) hinge system or the innovative, patented SoftClose technology by default.

C|ZAM is fully engaged with sustainability and the environment. In 2016, the roof of the factory has been fully equipped with solar panels, and all lighting was replaced by LED lights. We use electric cars for transportation. Sawed sheet material that is not used for an order is returned to the factory, where it is burned to heat the factory. Wood and aluminium remains are also sent to processing plants.

C|ZAM is a part of Leerkotte B.V. 


Do you have a question? Or would you like more information about the C|ZAM assortment? Please sent an e-mail to info@leerkotte.nl, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact details

Asveldweg 4-6
7556 BP Hengelo
The Netherlands

+31 74 2430885

CoC 08089330